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Store Cat Food vs Homemade (手作りVS市販キャットフード)

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【Ingredients he used*】 *Please do research on which ingredients are okay and not okay to use, how much and how often to feed when you make one for your cats. Sea bream Salmon Chicken tender (or chicken breast) Yellow Fin Tuna Bonito Stock Soup Catnip powder

1. Boil all the meat and fish for about a minute or two until they’re cooked.

2. Put them in a cold water and cool them down.

3. Chop them into tiny pieces.

4. Put the paste in a round mold (or a cup if you don't have a mold!) 5. Add bonito stock soup and sprinkle some catnip powder.

[Note] ・Do not use fatty part of fish and/or chicken since it’ll have too many calories. ・Try giving a tiny piece of cooked fish or chicken to your cat to see if he/she will like it and won’t have problems digesting before making an actual meal. ・Again, please do research on your own.

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