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何か気になるものを見つけたようにチラ……っと耳元から様子を伺ってくる猫がかわいいイヤーカフ。 背中の模様や着用すると隠れてしまうおへそまで、どこから見てもかわいいアイテムです。


This is a cute ear cuff with a cat that hides behind ear to check on you as if he found something interested in.

The pattern on the back and even the navel, which is hidden when worn, make it super cute no matter where you look.

Motief: H19mm×W14mm
Material: Brass

This item is made by hands. Each item could have slightly different paint and expression, also each item is very sensitively made.
We are not accepting products returns or exchanges after wore.

4F(フィーアエフ)にゃんこイヤーカフ / Kitten

SKU: 4F-4562380726957
  • 商品名

    4F(フィーアエフ)にゃんこイヤーカフ / Kitten





    備 考








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