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Clara Sinclair(GB)

黒猫のクララは好奇心旺盛でちょっぴりやんちゃな子猫。 ワイン農場で見つけた樽で遊ぶ姿を表現したリングは、落っこちないよう樽に一生懸命しがみついているクララの姿はもちろん、お花で飾られた樽の細部まで丁寧に作りこまれたデザインです。


Clara is a black cat.

She is a curious and slightly mischievous kitten.

This ring shows that she is playing with a barrel that she found at a wine farm.

This design is carefully crafted to show not only Clara clinging to the barrel as hard as she can, but also the details of the barrel decorated with flowers.

Size: 49(JIS)/5(US)
Material: Pewter, Cut Glass

This item is made by hands. Each item could have slightly different paint and expression, also each item is very sensitively made.
We are not accepting products returns or exchanges after wore.


4F(フィーアエフ)クララ・シンクレア / Clara Sinclair(Black Color)

SKU: 4F-4562380727442
  • 商品名

    クララ・シンクレア / Clara Sinclair(Black Color)





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