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Grooming Moon

月の上でまったりと一休みしている黒猫クララのピアス。 動きに合わせてゆらゆらと揺れる月の上でくつろぐクララはこの場所がすっかり気に入ってしまったよう。


Earrings of Clara, a black cat taking a rest on the moon.

Relaxing on the moon, which sways with her movements, Clara seems to have grown quite fond of this place.

Motief: 47mm
Material: Pewter, Cut Glass

This item is made by hands. Each item could have slightly different paint and expression, also each item is very sensitively made.
We are not accepting products returns or exchanges after wore.

4F(フィーアエフ)グルーミングムーンピアス / Grooming Moon

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    グルーミングムーンピアス / Grooming Moon





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