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A brooch of Cancer constellation shining in the night sky.

The white background is finished with gold and it creates a classy atmosphere.

His right hand proudly holds up a large pearl. The Crab is modeled after the brave monster crab ""Karkinos"" in Greek myth.

Karkinos was a friend of the monster Hydra.

When Hydra was about to be vanquished by the brave Hercules, he jumped out to save her, but he was crushed by Hercules' foot steeping on him.

The goddess Hera, who was watching the whole thing, took pity on the brave Karkinos and raised him to the heavens to become a star (various theories exist). Cancer is famous as the constellation born between June 22 and July 22, but it's actually seen in the night sky in spring.

Material: Pewter, Cut Glass, Pearl

This item is made by hands. Each item could have slightly different paint and expression, also each item is very sensitively made.
We are not accepting products returns or exchanges after wore.

【Palnart Poc/Brough Superior】かに座ブローチ

SKU: PB149-4562380723291
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    【Palnart Poc/Brough Superior】かに座ブローチ





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