​It's all about ingredients.

When we set out to create the recipes for TRIPE DRY, we wanted the ingredients to speak the loudest.



Original Formulas 

Poultry Free Formulas

We’re proudly Canadian, and we produce every bag of Tripe Dry here. Because it’s Canadian, you can trust that our food meets the highest standards of quality.

We believe in the incredible benefits of green tripe, which is why we make it the first ingredient in every Tripe Dry formula. 

We’re committed to only using the best possible ingredients, from sources you can trust. All of our ingredients are sourced from Canada, the USA, and New Zealand, only. No exceptions.

No supplements or additions needed. Every formula is a full and completely nutritious meal.

What's the big stink about green tripe?

The nutrient-rich stomach lining of ruminating animals (e.g., bison, deer, lamb, etc.).



Need More Convincing?

  1. Loaded with good bacteria and nutrients

  2. Source of 7 essential amino acids

  3. Source of Omega 3 & Omega 6

  4. Keeps teeth cleaner

  5. Improves skin and coat

  6. Great for picky eaters, allergies, and sensitive stomachs!

Treat your dog & your wallet!

"We knew from the first bite, it was a match."




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