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This brooch is inspired by the warm and lively ocean, which is named after Moana, the Hawaiian word for the wide open sea.

A side view of the calm, majestic sea below the splashing, leaping dolphins reveals a coral reef bathed in sunlight with angelfish, lingcod and hairtail fish swimming in all directions.

This accessory is beautifully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, from the island's rocky walls to the surface of the sea.

※Tiny air bubbles may be found in the product, but this is not a problem in terms of quality.

Please enjoy them as an expression of water.

※The fish motifs are arranged one by one by hands, so there will be individual differences in their arrangement.

Please enjoy the unique texture of the hand-work.


This item is made by hands. Each item could have slightly different paint and expression, also each item is very sensitively made.
We are not accepting products returns or exchanges after wore.

パルナートポック モアナブローチ (Palnart Poc/Brough Superior Moana)

SKU: Palnart Poc-4562380729231
  • 商品名

    パルナートポック モアナブローチ (Palnart Poc/Brough Superior Moana)





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